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Your email address is a valuable asset, and you must protect it from greedy marketers. They only view you as a cash cow, and giving up your email in exchange for a freebie is an opportunity to sell to you for the rest of your life.

In my opinion, giving marketers your email address is similar to blindly handing over your credit card without a clue as to what you’re getting into. You see, it’s not enough for you to read an article or two, visit a website a few times, and decide if handing over your email address will…

1. Promising astronomical profits in a short amount of time.

You can smell fraud by how these courses are marketed. It is actually illegal to make income promises, but it’s still done anyway.

“Learn how I made $2,000.00 a day after getting fired from my job.”

“Here’s how you can get started making $5,000.00 a week.”

“Make $500.00 a day, guaranteed.”


2. No easy way to get a refund, even though there is a money back guarantee.

Scammers will tell you how you can get a refund with no questions asked.


If you read their privacy policy they…

I am a single woman. And I thoroughly enjoy being single. Unlike many people, I don’t look at being single as a curse. Being able to solely focus on myself has many benefits.

For example, tonight I decided to dance after completing my 500 crunches for my Get it Right Get it Tight Challenge. While dancing, the following thought came to mind:

“I have all this time to exercise because I don’t have to cater to a man.”

Funny. But true.

Interestingly enough, many people, especially men, deem single women as lonely and bitter. Meanwhile, the same males who make…

Last weekend, I was doing a headstand on my yoga mat when I fell sideways and injured my neck and back. This week I am taking it easy so that I can recover. I’ve been sleeping a lot and making sure to not do any strenuous exercise.

Before I took that nasty tumble, I ordered some new workout equipment and activewear. I am excited to finally add some strength training to my exercise regimen. Currently, my routine consists heavily of cardio by way of dancing, coupled with some yoga. …

I must say that I have seen enough, heard enough, and experienced enough atrocities with my gender counterpart to fully grasp the fact that most people are straight up lying when they try to sell single women on marriage.

They act like being a wife is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and that marriage guarantees all of the wonderful benefits single women must be missing in their lives: love, fulfillment, personal growth, family, companionship, and wealth.

While I can debunk all of the above claims, in this editorial I want to focus on the myth that marriage guarantees wealth…

Let me start off by saying this: You are not crazy for being suspicious about people’s intentions. In fact, you are right; most of the people you come across are trying to take from you.

I had to learn this the hard way due my naïveté and desperation for acceptance, love, money, and opportunities. At the time I had no patience and everything I wanted seemed to take way too long to get within my grasp. And through my misery opportunists saw a way to manipulate me and rob me financially, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally blind.

I can say with…

I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across some wedding photos that went viral. The post got almost 75,000 shares and about 11,000 reacts. And upon further inspection, I can see why everyone is talking about this particular wedding day.

The groom boldly posted these photos of his wedding ceremony with his wife looking beautiful as ever. She donned a white lace dress, tiara and veil, long drop pearl earrings, complete with a bouquet of white roses she carried down the aisle.

Now how did her husband show up, you might ask?

Let’s just say that his attire was…

There have been countless times when a man would walk up to me, introduce himself, and then ask me the following question:

“Excuse me, but are you single?”

I used to lie and say that I was accounted for. And it felt off to me to lie to a man about my relationship status. So I started to simply tell the truth. My new response was this:

“I’m single, but I’m not interested.”

I know it drives some men crazy to meet a woman like me who doesn’t go with the flow or says all the “right things” just for…

The differences between men and women in relationships are so fascinating, and it’s something I constantly write about in my free time. Because there is a discrepancy between what I am conditioned to believe as a woman and what the reality of relationships are, and the role everyone thinks I should play as the woman.

Truthfully, some men are much smarter than we give them credit for.


Because they know how to be served in relationships.

Men do not look at love the way we do. Why do you think chick flicks exist?

As women, we are taught to…

One Friday night, I got dressed up to go to the bar a few blocks away from my house. I was living in Brooklyn at the time. Bars and clubs were everywhere. I worked at a law firm, and I spent almost all of my free time drinking the nights away. Life was good.

I walked over to my friend’s bar. The night was chilly, but I knew that I was going to be blessed with some dark liquor in my system. I stepped inside the bar. Reggae music was playing loudly. Men and women of all ages were sitting…

Sanni Lark

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