Actually, Selfishness Is A Valid Life Purpose

Sanni Lark
6 min readSep 7, 2023

I am living proof that you are the greatest love story. Dare to write it. Dare to tell it. Dare to live it.

Credit: Denis Miller via Pexels

Out of all the realizations I have came to about myself, one of the most profound conclusions I arrived at was this:

I am not a light worker. At all.

I am a servant of the darkness. Just kidding! What I mean is that I utilize the darkness to serve me much more than most people. I am also very comfortable with my self-serving nature.

If we take a look at the properties of the color black we will see that black absorbs everything, meaning it is selfish as fuck in nature. Black is known as the color of evil for a reason: it is the most opportunistic color in the Crayola box! It is cocky. It stands alone. It stands tall. It cannot help but be noticed, and possibly judged and demonized as ugly, immoral, evil, and demonic.

This is because it is representative of power, the very thing the mass collective hates that a few people in our society happily usurp for themselves without apology.

Trust me, I get it. For many long years I truly believed I was a light worker. This is because the love and light side is very strong and united with deep community ties while shadow workers and other black magicians are more independent and prefer solitude. So my first introduction to spirituality stemmed from the indoctrination that once you are done with Christianity, and organized religion in general, your only option is to integrate your gifts, energy, monies, time, and soul’s purpose within a community. Your needs and desires are no longer your own. The greater good of humanity is more important than your self-centeredness.

While I believe these can be beautiful goals for some individuals, this is simply not my path to take. I found out the hard way that I was being called to take the mysterious road less traveled through intense psychic warfare and obstacles that were lovingly placed in my path to redirect me away from the glamour of light and into the raw chaos of the darkness.

My life, as well as my mental faculties, soured by the day, the month, and the year, and I still couldn’t wake up and realize that becoming the villain in my own right rather than the hero, or the…



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