Here’s Why You Should Embrace Rejection, No’s, And Breakups

Sanni Lark
6 min readSep 29, 2022

“Yes is not the only beautiful word in existence. The word no provides us with a lot of possibilities beyond what we were expecting in the first place.”

Credit: Migs Reyes via Pexels

While I was in college I got a part-time job. I started working in the summers since I was 15 years old and I always enjoyed having my own money. So in college I no longer wanted to be a broke student who could only afford McDonald’s snack wraps and coffee.

Is it just me, or was the snack wrap one of the greatest ideas McDonald’s ever came up with?

I decided to get a retail job, as I figured my work schedule would be flexible enough to make money and go to school. So one late morning I attended a group interview for Aldo, the mid-range shoe store that’s in every damn mall in America. If you must know, I don’t shop there. It’s nothing personal; I’m just very picky when it comes to footwear.

Now if you haven’t figured out by now, I am a pretty reserved woman who prefers silence and intimate gatherings. I am not a fan of large groups, especially in an interview setting where one must stand out by speaking out of turn and never giving anyone else the chance to sell themselves on why they should be hired. And that’s exactly what happened.

When the two sales managers discussed the job, there was one woman in particular who couldn’t shut the hell up. She interrupted the interviewers to talk about her experiences. She explained how excited she was to have the opportunity to be a sales associate at Aldo. Now her energy was infectious, and I am sure she got hired since her extroverted personality was exactly what Aldo was looking for. On the other hand, I knew working at a place like that wasn’t for me, just based on the criteria the managers were looking for. I couldn’t imagine being that upbeat and “on” for hours a day.

Feeling disappointed for being an introvert who barely speaks up for herself, I decided to stroll through the streets of downtown Washington, DC to clear my head. Along my slow walk I came across a large department store. I stopped in my tracks and viewed the mannequins. They were stylishly dressed to the nines. I listened to the snazzy music blaring from inside. Unlike Aldo, the energy in the store felt upscale, so I decided to stop in…



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