I Don’t Know Who Needs To Hear This, But That Man Is Only Marrying You To Save Money

Sanni Lark
5 min readDec 1, 2023

Making an honest woman out of somebody’s daughter is the ultimate coupon code!

Credit: Luis Quintero via Pexels

One of the most profound scenes I’ve ever watched on TV hails from the critically-acclaimed series House.

The scene that had me with jaws wide open was when House was telling Wilson, his best friend, that he was engaged to Dominika so that she could get her green card. Of course Wilson didn’t think it was a good idea, but House’s response forced me to reflect on how convenient marriage is for men, and why women should think twice about considering the institution as some way to validate their womanhood and their worth.

“You know how much it costs to have a live-in maid, personal assistant, cook, massage therapist, whore? I do. She’s willing to work four days a week for free. It’s gonna save me about $33,000.00.”

Once the good doctor explained this, all sorts of light bulbs began turning on in my head. Now it wasn’t as if I didn’t know this piece of information before, because I did. But the stunned reaction from me was based on the fact that women really believe men and women think the same.

So if women think that marriage is about love, they automatically assume that a man is marrying them because he is in love when he can be marrying her for reasons that have everything to do with saving money by allowing his woman to believe he is marrying her for love.


Women create all sorts of theories in those pretty heads of theirs about how prized and worthy they are as wives and how single women like myself are oh-so-jealous of them. It’s quite laughable, because everyone is in on the sick joke but the ladies who are absolutely clueless about how deluded they are about their Mrs. status.

The joke is that men do not make bad deals. So men aren’t doing women any favors by marrying them. In fact, making an honest woman out of somebody’s daughter is the ultimate coupon code! Because you can pretend to marry her for love instead of convenience, retire her from that 9–5 and call her a kept wife even when you are giving her the jobs of 6–8 people, and save a good five to six figures in the process.



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