I Nearly Spent $8,000 On Coolsculpting To Get The Body I Have Now

Sanni Lark
4 min readJun 3, 2022

We are now in the beautiful month of June, which happens to be my birthday month. As I was exercising in my basement earlier I glanced by the mirror in between one of my weight lifting sets. And I smiled at myself for a job well done. As I posed in the full length mirror I began to reflect on my journey from a year ago.

I was a desperate woman who wanted a flatter stomach and nonexistent love handles. And I was willing to pay $8,000.00 to achieve this.

In June 2021 I walked into the Coolsculpting office for my consultation appointment. A friendly receptionist greeted me and asked me to sign in. I signed my name and sat in the comfy leather seats, awaiting for my name to be called.

Almost immediately I was serviced. I was introduced to the technician who led me into her private office to discuss the Coolsculpting process and any risks that may occur. I had a lot of concerns, and she expertly answered my many questions. I was not at all familiar with the world of cosmetic procedures. Hell, I’ve never even undergone any major surgery in my entire life.

Afterwards she pulled out two plastic cylinders in different sizes and asked me to point to the areas where I would like to minimize. She didn’t have to ask me twice! I quickly touched my love handles, my midsection, and unbuttoned my jeans for her to measure my lower stomach.

“You’re in great shape,” she commented as she put away the cylinders and pulled out a calculator to crunch some numbers. I didn’t say anything. If I was actually in great shape I wouldn’t be in that office, yes?

I sat down and waited quietly while her long, acrylic nails typed up an estimate. After what seemed like forever she wrote it down on my Coolsculpting booklet and handed it to me.

The technician said I would need two procedures for each area I wanted to improve, and she broke down the amount into how much it would cost me per session.

At that point I began to relax. The number seemed more reasonable when I realized I was getting a good price, considering the amount of areas I wanted to cover.

I thanked her for her time, and I told her I needed to think about it.

Sanni Lark

Channeling sacred, unadulterated feminine chaos and wisdom through writing. For more primordial womanhood activation visit: https://www.sannilark.com

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