Ladies, Beware Of Men Who Eat Neediness

Sanni Lark
4 min readOct 9, 2022

“The men who feed on neediness are no longer interested in continuing a partnership with a woman who is emotionally balanced and restored. Actually, they were probably never interested in you as a person to begin with, just in your problems that they can use for their benefit.”

Credit: Cottonbro via Pexels

Before I begin, I should admit that the title was not composed on my own. I was inspired by the critically-acclaimed series House, which showcased the adventures of the arrogant and highly-intelligent Dr. Gregory House. I really enjoyed the popular series; not only was it hilarious, entertaining, and invoked many emotions out of me, but as a misandrist I picked up a lot of pertinent life lessons regarding men and relationships.

In one scene which I found very disturbing, House reprimanded his best friend, oncologist Dr. James Wilson, when he discovered that Wilson moved in to the apartment of his own terminally ill patient and had a sexual relationship with her. I must add that even before this scene I knew I didn’t like Wilson. I just couldn’t pinpoint why.

It could be that he always positioned himself as this gallant white knight who possessed an outstanding character, although he was House’s best friend for a reason. They are two peas in a pod, and I must say that Wilson is worse than House in many aspects. Even though House said whatever heinous thought was on his mind and acted unethically as a doctor, there were certain levels he wouldn’t stoop to.

So in the scene, after giving his best friend a piece of his mind while Wilson’s face is red with embarrassment House goes, “You eat neediness!” I’m not going to lie, my entire body shuddered in response to the raw emotion in this three-word sentence as Wilson finally realized that the reason he was House’s best friend was that they were one in the same. The only difference was that Wilson maintained a clever good guy persona which allowed him to be even sneakier and perhaps even more dangerous than his doppelganger because he could fool many people with his perceived compassion and generosity. You can even say that he used House to put himself on a pedestal.

I’ve always said that the halfway-decent men women fawn over are not much different than their seemingly more destructive male counterparts, the same ones the good guys…

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