Ladies, The Soft Life Isn’t For You If…

Sanni Lark
5 min readNov 30, 2023

How is constantly interfering with your man’s plans to expand the income and future of your family living a soft life?

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In yesterday’s post for my Substack daily newsletter, Evil Single Woman, I shared that I snooped around a Facebook group dedicated to women aspiring to live the soft life. And what I found in there was truly astounding.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the soft life, because you understand that life is about balance where you enjoy soft moments but still make time to learn, grow, mature, and ascend in life through enduring the pressures that come with becoming a diamond, the soft life is essentially an easy, breezy lifestyle for women who desire to permanently rest in their femininity by way of being financially, mentally, and emotionally taken care of by men.

I cannot tell women how to live their lives or even declare that being helpless under the guise of femininity is living life to its fullest. However, I couldn’t help but notice a small yet mighty snag in the plans of these soft life devotees who plan to marry men that are supposed to do the heavy thinking and heavy lifting in the relationship, since 99.999% of these ladies definitely expect a man to show up out of nowhere to rescue them:

They do not want to be told what to do.

Now this caveat may not sound like much to be concerned over. But when you consider that these “feminine” women expect to turn their brains off for the remainder of their lives after they get married because it is too stressful to take control of their lives, it makes absolutely no sense that any woman would think that a man who has carefully planned and built his life over many years will welcome any woman into his existence and wallet to do whatever she pleases without his direction, boundaries, or instructions.

Ladies, since none of these dating coaches care to tell you the truth hear me well: the soft life that you are so obsessed with achieving is for you to function like a child in a grown woman’s body. Meaning, you are discarding all information, entitlement, and expectations you had prior to being a wife and you are allowing your husband to act like your parent. After all, through subscribing to the soft life you are subconsciously declaring that you think it’s so…



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