Marriage Does Not Guarantee Wealth: Quit Lying To Single Women

Sanni Lark
4 min readJun 1, 2021

While the “All you need is love” brigade exists, I know myself all too well. I would not be thinking about love while surviving in a one bedroom apartment with two children and a baby.

I mean, if my husband loved me so much he wouldn’t be sleeping; he would get his ass up and work harder to provide a better lifestyle for our family! I don’t have it in me to pretend as if a cramped, cluttered home is enough for me to honor my husband as a provider.

I must say that I have seen enough, heard enough, and experienced enough atrocities with my gender counterpart to fully grasp the fact that most people are straight up lying when they try to sell single women on marriage.

They act like being a wife is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and that marriage guarantees all of the wonderful benefits single women must be missing in their lives: love, fulfillment, personal growth, family, companionship, and wealth.

While I can debunk all of the above claims, in this editorial I want to focus on the myth that marriage guarantees wealth. Because it clearly doesn’t. If that was the case, most wives would be well taken care of financially. They wouldn’t be online typing their sob stories about how their future husband took them on a 2 for $20 date at Applebees, and that material possessions don’t matter because love is all you need.

I can recall the time when I was looking to buy a home a few years ago. My realtor wanted me to take a look at a few condos. While I was looking for a detached house, I decided to open up my options.

I didn’t see any condo that piqued my interests, but the trip was still worth it, since I learned a very important lesson that day.

It was a Sunday morning, and we were traveling to Jersey City to view an open house for one of the listed condos. We arrived a little late due to a showing at another building, but we decided to still try and see if we can view the place. Now I am not too familiar with Jersey City outside of the downtown area, so I was a bit surprised that we arrived at a building located in a pretty rough area. We were greeted by a homeless man lying down in the park across the building singing loudly. What a way to be welcomed.

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