Misandry As A Form Of Self-Love & Self-Preservation? Let’s Discuss

Sanni Lark
8 min readJul 25, 2021

I spent all night exploring the concept of misandry. Truthfully, I have been thinking about this for months, off and on. And I believe that I finally made a personal breakthrough in understanding misandry and furthermore, being more comfortable with identifying as a misandrist.

I am not a person that likes labels. While I do possess many labels outside of being black, woman, childfree, and single, I do not believe any one label defines me completely. I am a multifaceted, complex human being, and I don’t like being placed in a box. I contradict myself and my “identities” all the damn time. It’s only recently that I stopped apologizing for it.

Last night I finally realized why it took me so long to come around to the notion that I am actually a misandrist. Explore my reasoning below:

1. Most men are actually misogynists. But we don’t label them accordingly.

As a society, we have normalized the hatred of women in almost every facet of our culture. As a collective, sympathy for women and girls does not exist as they are demonized. Men are looked at as innocent angels who can do no wrong. If they commit any heinous act against a woman, it is she who provoked him.

From speaking to many males over the years, I have come to the conclusion that a large majority of men generally distrust women, and furthermore look at them as selfish, treacherous, stupid Jezebels who only exist to vampire money, time, and resources away from their partners. Because most women are portrayed as evil she-devils, there is a general air of anger and hatred towards women and girls.

I truly believe that not only do most men hate women, but they are jealous of them as well. There is a reason why males openly denounce the OnlyFans platform all the time on social media, all while subscribing to multiple content creators who happen to be women who flaunt their bare naked assets online. Because most women are looked at as conniving temptresses, it’s easy to see why envy exists with most men. The gender norm for men usually involves them logging in long hours at a mundane job to provide for the family, while women can use their natural sensuality and femininity to get ahead in life. The conclusion is that women have it much…

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