Misandry As An Alternative Path To Divine Womanhood?

Sanni Lark
7 min readMar 26, 2022

Misandry has been my chosen path to discovering more to life. From since I was a little girl I knew there was forbidden knowledge out there than what was taught to me by my parents, my church, my peers, and the society I interact with. Unfortunately, that path manifested by way of trauma caused by both men and women, and the many years of self-inflicted destruction of my mind to unlearn any unneeded norms, beliefs, and behaviors to build myself back up and mold myself into the woman I want to be in this lifetime.

I found misandry when they begged me to view marriage as the easiest path to wealth for women.

I found misandry when they told me no woman would be fulfilled in life unless she had children.

I found misandry when they needed me to accept all men as my equal.

I found misandry when black women created the divestment movement, and transitioned from worshipping black men to worshipping white ones.

I found misandry when I discovered most of the women in my life were traitors to their own feminine power and felt inferior without a man.

I found misandry when they labeled single, childfree women like myself as selfish.

Instead of listening to everyone else, I completely turned off the static and tuned into myself, the only divine frequency that matters.

To the ladies who are curious about this lifestyle, misandry isn’t necessarily about hating men, if you don’t want it to be. For me, it is accepting everybody for who they are. It is going behind the veil of protecting the masculine’s image at all costs. It is understanding and acknowledging that we are all light and shadow. Good and evil. Capable of helping and harming others. It is about truth, not fantasy.

There is no part of me that lives in shame. I carry my whole self with me wherever I go.

One male reader claimed I was suffering and that therapy is the answer to stop the intrusive thoughts of my past that keep me awake at night. What he failed to do was read between the lines, and understand that I like my poisonous mind and I welcome these dreadful images as my friends. They help me see the situations I’ve been in from various angles and in turn, I…



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