My Uber Driver Told Me He Loved Me. I Think I Loved Him Too

Sanni Lark
5 min readSep 21, 2022

“Now this wasn’t the first time a man I just met told me he loved me. But this was the first time I accepted this sentiment as authentic, and not a ploy to mistreat me under the guise of a romantic relationship or get in my pants.”

Credit: Roberto Hund via Pexels

It was a rainy, gloomy Saturday afternoon. I was in my apartment, spending the next few minutes putting together a makeshift overnight bag so I could spend the rest of the weekend with my boyfriend and his kids.

While I was stuffing socks and pajama bottoms in an old black backpack I found in the back of my closet I glanced at my phone. My Uber driver was arriving at my apartment in less than three minutes. I panicked as I stuffed my feet into my flats and zipped up my backpack. I doubled checked my bag to ensure that I had everything so I wouldn’t disrespect the driver’s time by having him wait on me to get my life together. I despise being waited on with a passion.

Once my Uber arrived I decided to wing it and not grab an umbrella. I was heading straight to my boyfriend’s Brooklyn apartment, and I was sure he had an umbrella I could borrow should I see grey skies when I woke up next to him on Monday morning.

I walked outside quickly in the light rain and opened the grey car door. My driver was an older adorable man who watched me get inside his car.

“Hello Sanni. How are ya?” he asked once I was safely inside.

I immediately noticed his thick accent, which was from some part of Europe I couldn’t pinpoint. He seemed very kind-hearted and friendly. I felt safe enough to slump my shoulders and relax in the back seat. We were going to be alone for a minimum of an hour minutes while he transported me out of New Jersey into New York City.

“I’m well. How are you?” I replied with a smile.

“Oh, I’m great!” he responded cheerily.

“I must ask, where is your accent from?”

“Scotland.” He looked back at me. “You like it?”

I laughed at how eager his sweet blue eyes stared back into mine while he impatiently waited for my answer. “I do, yes,” I told him.

Once we got on the highway there was some stubborn traffic due to an accident…

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