Only Childish Adults Need Partners!

Sanni Lark
5 min readNov 26, 2023

Is it about time that both men and women grow the entire fuck up?

Credit: Maksim Goncharenok via Pexels

This weekend I found myself asking the following questions based on the societal construct of gender roles:

Why were women born with brains if we are not expected to use them? Seriously, why on earth were we born with the same organs as men, but they are the only ones that are encouraged to create, build, and shape society and its evolution with their ideas while women are supposed to sit idly at home and wait with their hands out for any crumbs their men want to give them for a hard day’s work?

Furthermore, why do women believe they reincarnated into this lifetime to essentially function as the unpaid executive assistants of their husbands, as if we were not given our own passions, goals, and ideas to actualize? And why do they call this shit femininity?

Now I don’t necessarily hate gender roles, but I cannot help but view this construct as a clever way for both men and women to remain stuck in life through avoiding the life-transforming work of acquiring wisdom, power, and resources so they can feel as if they need each other.

Because who really benefits from men and women feeling stuck and lost without a mate? Is it those who eventually become husbands and wives, or is it the corporations that are making money hand over first through the billion-dollar wedding industry, beauty industry, housing industry, healthcare industry, and divorce industry?

I am witnessing a lot of desperate folks question the direction of where we are headed as a society, with them complaining about men and women no longer needing each other. I have come across the most ridiculous solutions to mitigate this “crisis,” from parents refusing to teach their boys how to cook, clean, and iron clothes and girls being discouraged from going to college to marry early in life instead.

Ladies and gentlemen, before another generation of frustrated children that are ill-prepared for adulthood are reared, can we take a step back and think with our brains instead of grasping at straws?



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