Only Unserious Women Claim They Know Their Worth Because They Refuse To Invest In It!

Sanni Lark
9 min readNov 26, 2023

So many people have literally spent their way into their own self-destruction.

Credit: Heriberto Jahir Medina via Pexels

One of my closest friends is an entrepreneur, and she informed me that Americans were losing their everlasting minds due to the lack of steep Black Friday sales and discounts this year that they were used to enjoying for decades. I had to laugh hard at the idea that consumers really expect to destroy whole stores and act like wild animals, all while a business loses money giving these disrespectful, erratic, deranged-acting folks discounts for items they don’t even need!

Receiving a deep discount as a reward for trashing someone’s place of business? Hilarious! I am glad that sick joke is finally coming to an end. Businesses don’t owe you money off for treating their carefully organized stores like zoos!

Honestly, I am happy that many companies and vendors are choosing not to participate in these unhinged shenanigans because businesses are literally in the business of making money, not losing it! On top of that, many Black Friday sales are normally based on customers receiving significant money off of items that do not elevate their lives in any way. They’re merely distractions that they already have in their own homes!

Seriously, you already own a TV. You don’t need another one to watch sweaty men make millions playing football. Actually, can we talk about how you haven’t gotten up off your ass all year? Those football players you adore so much are getting all the exercise they need, but what about you? How about you turn off that TV, go outside, and toss around a damn ball for once?

I say all this to say that regardless of how much people complain about prices they have money to purchase things they do not need. If you are a business owner you need to stand your ground and not get caught up in the silly mind games of others. Because they will expect a discount for no reason other than the fact that they want one. Especially if you are a female entrepreneur.

There is something about having the audacity to exist as a woman, especially in the business sector, that makes everyone, including women who claim they are all about empowering each other, try to put you in your place and…



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