Should Women Who Are Being Pursued By Married Men Tell Their Wives? I Say No!

Sanni Lark
6 min readMar 25, 2023

“Not too many single women are prepared to deal with the harsh reality of married life: that these married ladies will cling to their cheating, unfaithful-ass husbands to the death.”

Credit: Dimitri Kuliuk via Pexels

I came across a thread on Instagram where a young lady posted a screenshot of a text conversation she was engaged in with a former friend of hers who is now married with a child. He asked her to send her pics of her body and she asked why. He told her that he wanted something sentimental of her to remember her by.

Leave it to men to view nudes as sentimental!

So she posted the conversation with a caption explaining the back story, along with a disclaimer that she plans to tell his wife, as this is not the first time he’s messaged her. While so many ladies were applauding her in the comments for being upfront with his spouse I refrained from saying a word. I knew that my advice would piss off a lot of those same women who viewed their men as their everything. But if I were to add in my two cents, I would say this:

If he wants nudes then send him a damn invoice! Being sentimental costs, honey!

Now if you’re wondering why I am taking the unconventional “sinful” approach for her to financially benefit from this interaction and refrain…



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