The Narcissism Of Women Who Believe They Can Steal Your Man

Sanni Lark
3 min readOct 6, 2022

“How on earth do you steal someone’s man if you don’t know if this man even wants your ass in the first place?”

I’ve already discussed the many times sad, lonely-ass women would observe my brother and I out in public. He would overhear them talking amongst themselves, discussing in hushed tones about how they can steal “my man” away from me. The sheer boldness of these ladies always tickled me, because one, I don’t want my brother romantically of course. And two, how can you steal him from me if he doesn’t want your ass in the first place?

As a sister, I have met a few of Chris’s past girlfriends, and they look nothing like the women who believe they can have him if they made themselves known. Not only that, but they didn’t have a haughty attitude about taking someone else’s man and having whomever they please. They were not in secret competition with random women who happen to be out in public with men, be it their father, brother, cousin, uncle, or partner.

In addition, never in my life have I heard my brother tell me that he was interested in any woman who claimed they could make him her boyfriend.

It was always comical to him. As it should be!

Even as a woman who has dated and been with taken and married men in the past, I’ve always been clear that these men readily made themselves available to me. I wasn’t on the prowl to ruin any (un)happy homes. We just happened to be introduced through a mutual friend, or we met in a setting where we could shake hands and exchange names. And a connection emerged.

I must be the only one confused here, but how on earth do you steal someone’s man if you don’t know if this man even wants your ass in the first place? You have no idea what his type is, even if you resemble his current partner aesthetically.

Allow me to break this down in the simplest of ways:

You, my dear, are not her. You don’t have the emotional connection she has with her man. You…



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