The Spiritual Waiting Games People Play With Their Lives!

Sanni Lark
5 min readNov 27, 2023

You create magick, regardless of what the sky looks like.

Credit: Akub Arifulin via Pexels

According to astrologers November 27 marks the full moon in Gemini. How do I know this? Because my For You page on Instagram provided me with this info in the form of posts where I am given the benefits of this full moon. Actually, one of the benefits is the courage to sever relationships with people who insist on misunderstanding you and lack healthy communication skills.

I am not going to lie: for a very long time I felt very…iffy about astrology in general. Not that the practice and study is iffy, but it always fascinated me how people use the planets to give them signs, instructions, courage, and motivation to do the very things they know they should be doing already!

That post about the Gemini full moon reminded me that I may be on to something. Because why on earth does it take a damn full moon for you to finally end a relationship that has already ran its course way before the Monday after Thanksgiving?

For example, if you knew you were ready to part ways with that friend on March 11 then you should’ve fucking ended the relationship on March 11! Why wait until November 27 to do what you know you need to do and be absolutely miserable, fed up, and acting passive-aggressive toward someone who should’ve been given the boot within those months leading up to this full moon? What kind of life is that?

My same sentiments apply to any other moon, portals, and supermoons that occur throughout our calendar year. When it comes to smashing goals it feels as if the spiritual community only comes alive to announce these special events as important tools for manifestation, and everyone seems busy trying to actualize their desires because these moons and placements are supposed to provide additional energy, power, and influence towards achieving their goals.


What about the other days of the year when there is no planetary motivation for people to work on themselves and their goals? I don’t see much encouragement out there for folks to embrace the art of discipline and chip away at inching closer towards their desired lifestyle each and every day. What I am witnessing is the collective spiritual community primarily…



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